Getting Started

Documentation to help you get started with creating events and managing settings.

22 articles


1 article

Frequently Asked Questions

25 articles

Payment Gateways

Documentation and information about accepting payments and payment gateways.

29 articles

Account Overview

4 articles

Embed Tools

Embed Event Smart into another website, such as Weebly, Wix, and

9 articles


2 articles

Appearance & Presentation

Documentation on how to change the appearance of your event website.

18 articles

Check-in & Ticketing

Documentation about ticketing, scanning, and checking-in attendees at the door.

8 articles

Event Management

Overview of the event management system and settings.

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Incident Reports

2 articles

Individual Features

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People Administration

Organize your people, volunteers, staff, etc. into groups and display them nicely.

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Promotions & Discounts

Incentivize attendees to purchase more tickets and attend more events.

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Multiple Event Registration

2 articles

Messaging System

An overview of the messages system.

21 articles

Marketing Tools

Information about supported marketing upgrades.

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Registrations & Transactions

Overview of the registrations and transactions pages and reporting tools.

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Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks and popular tutorials.

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Use Cases

A few use cases to show Event Smart in action.

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Website Management

Tools for managing your event website.

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