Why We Don’t Have Phone Support

We limit our support to online communication for a few reasons.

Better Support

We’ve found that providing support via online communication (email, chat, documentation, etc.) works best for an online application like Event Smart. Our team is able to gather system details, website and event configuration information, and other facts so that they can troubleshoot effectively, and link to educational resources, send images, screenshots, and videos, etc. that help you get the most out of Event Smart.

We are fast to reply too, our average time to the first reply is within 2 hours. 👍

More Innovation

It’s important for us to maintain an environment of constant innovation. Our support team works with the rest of our company, which makes it possible for our teams to collaborate and spur the innovation that we value so highly. Electronic communication can be documented, aggregated, and used as support for new features and development.

Lower Prices

It allows us to keep our overall pricing down while maintaining a feature-rich application and continuing to provide great support. We want Event Smart to be accessible and affordable for all of our customers. Structuring things around these online channels makes it possible for us to scale our support using this philosophy.

Email and Live Chat

You can contact us via email at support@eventespresso.com, or our contact page or by starting a live chat session using the Help button on the bottom right-hand inside your event dashboard.

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