Combining Event Smart Billing Payments into One Invoice

At Event Smart, we allow you to subscribe to individual features so you can get just the features you need. But we also allow you to buy bundled plans that give you a better price and added convenience.

If you have multiple feature subscriptions that are billed at different times each month, and dealing with multiple invoices is a hassle, then the short answer is to subscribe to the  Personal or Business Plans to combine your features into one subscription. Nearly all our features are included in the Business plan excluding the integrations and unlimited storage.

You can subscribe to the Personal plan from the Pricing page OR you can switch your Personal subscription to the Business subscription by logging in to your Account and clicking the Switch button.

The long answer is we don't have the ability to condense the billing of one multiple subscriptions that were started on different dates into one invoice. The features you are subscribed are likely included in the Personal or Business plans ( compare plans).

So, if the time it takes to manage these multiple payments is worth more than a few dollars each month, then we'd recommend just switching to the Personal or Business plans ( compare plans).

In addition, if you get the Personal or Business plan you could change to  annual billing to save yourself even more time.

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