PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing for Events

Event Smart is PCI compliant when combined with the right payment gateway. Merchants that require full PCI compliant payment processing are encouraged to use a payment gateway that offers hosted payment pages or similar technology to handle sensitive credit card information to achieve PCI compliance.

The following payment integrations connect to that service to generate a new secure web page independent of EventSmart.com and thereby handle the sensitive credit card information. 

With any one of these gateways, customers do not enter their credit card information on EventSmart.com. Rather customers are redirected to a PCI compliant web page to enter their credit card information. After a customer makes a payment, the customer is then redirected to the Event Smart confirmation page. This ensures that credit card data is only ever handled by the PCI compliant gateway.

With these gateways the customer enters the card information while still at the EventSmart.com website, HOWEVER the sensitive parts of the credit card billing form is served from the PCI compliant service. The customer can process the payment on the EventSmart.com website, but the credit card form is not part of the EventSmart.com website.

Any of these methods ensure that credit card data is only ever handled by the PCI compliant gateway. The difference between the two groups is just the checkout experience for the attendee.

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