Adding an Additional Account for a New Organization

So you've been successful using Event Smart for one organization and want to use it for another organization?

A couple things about using one account for a different organization:

  • You would have to either change or rebrand your event website to be generic so that it works for both organizations. Right now you have branding and logo for one organization everywhere so you'd have to change that. The address to your event website is also specific to one brand and that can be changed to be more generic but it does change the address for past audiences.
  • You can only accept payments to one payment account or to one organization at a time. So, if one organization approves the other organization to collect money on behalf of them, or visa-versa, then that might work. But each organization usually wants to keep their money tied to their own accounts. If your registration or ticket sales are open for events for both organizations at a time you can only collect money into one organizations's account at a time.
  • Will you allow one organization to access all the settings and data for another organization?

In general, it's better to create a separate account for two separate organizations that want to control their brand, control the money and access to the data.

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