How to add a registrant/attendee to an expired event

A registrant/attendee can be  added to an existing event through your Event Smart dashboard. What happens if an event has already taken place?

If you try to add a guest to an expired event, then the pricing options will also be expired which will prevent you from adding a guest.

Here is a workflow for adding a registrant to an existing event that has expired.

1) Go to your Event Smart dashboard and then go to Event Smart --> Events

2) Now hover over the name of your event and click on Registrations

3) Open a new browser tab and go to your Event Smart dashboard

4) From the new browser tab where you are viewing your Event Smart dashboard go to Event Smart --> Events and click on the name of your event

5) You will now be viewing the event editor. Set the Display Ticket Selector option to No. Here is an example:

6) Next, adjust the date of the event so that it is open again and save changes. The event will then be available for registration again but the ticket selector will not appear on the front-end.

7) From your original browser tab that is on the registrations overview screen, click on the Add New Registration button and then complete your registration.

8) Next, go back to the event and reverse your changes in step 5 and step 6 by setting the Display Ticket Selector option to Yes and setting the event time to now and immediately saving changes to update the event. This final step will expire the event again.

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