Attendee Mover

The Attendee Mover for Event Smart makes it simple to move registrants/attendees between events.

An active subscription for the Attendee Mover feature upgrade is needed to move registrants between events on your Event Smart website.

It is also included in the business plan. Want to upgrade to this plan? Make the switch from your My Account page on


The basic features include:

  • Ability to move attendees/registrants between events
  • Ability to re-assign tickets to attendee
  • Keep a history of re-assigned attendees

Setup and Configuration

You can access the Attendee Mover upgrade by logging into your Event Smart dashboard and then going to Event Smart --> Registrations. Then look in the Actions column which appears in the far right area of the screen and look for the multiple arrow symbol (see image in the section for example).


Moving an attendee to a different event/ticket is easy and only takes four simple steps to move an attendee to a new event.

Step 1
From the Registrations Overview page, click the Attendee Mover icon (multiple arrow symbol) in the attendee row.

Step 2
Choose the event that you would like to move the selected attendee into and then click on the Next Step button.

Step 3
Select a ticket and click the Next Step button.

Step 4
After the attendee is re-assigned to the correct event/ticket, set the Trigger Notifications option to your desired setting. If you would like to notify your registrant/attendee about the change, then select Yes. Otherwise, choose No.

Then click on the  Next Step button.

Now your attendee will be re-assigned to the new event/ticket, where you can see a record of the re-assignment.

Known issues

If an attendee is transferred, and I've changed the tax rate, then the old tax rate is used. How do I resolve this issue?
Cancel the attendee registration by going to the attendee's registration details screen and changing the registration status. Then create a new registration through your Event Smart dashboard.

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