What is a failed transaction and how about abandoned transactions?

If an attendee starts a registration and immediately clicks away or closes their web browser, then their transaction will be considered failed since there isn’t enough information to process their registration.

If an attendee starts a registration by clicking the Register Now button, fills out the registration form but does not pay, then their transaction will be abandoned.
With abandoned transactions, you can send the attendee a payment reminder, and if they pay, then they will be a confirmed guest at an event. Here is how to send a payment reminder:
  1. From your Event Smart dashboard, look in the left admin menus and click on Transaction
  2. You’ll now be viewing the Transactions overview screen
  3. Click the link at the top of the screen for Abandoned Transactions
  4. Click on a specific transaction
  5. Then from the Transaction Details screen, click on Send Payment Reminder button which appears in the top right area of the page

An email will be sent to the attendee that started the registration. If they follow through and pay, then their registration will be updated automatically.

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