How to hide an event after it has passed

By default, your events are shown in reverse chronological order on your Event Smart website. This means that newer events will appear first with older events appearing afterward.

If you would like to only show your current event without the older events, then you can update the Visibility Settings for the events that have already passed. Here are the steps:
  1. From your Event Smart dashboard, look in the left admin menus and click on Events
  2. Now click on your expired event
  3. You’ll now be viewing the event editor. Look in the top right for the Update Event section 
  4. Then click on the Edit link next to Visibility
  5. Now select Private, click OK, and then save changes to the event through the event editor

As an event organizer, you’ll still see the event, but the event will no longer be visible to public visitors to your website. That is, attendees/registrants won’t be able to see this event, but you’ll be able to see it if you are logged into your Event Smart website.

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