How to Assign a Registration that is Part of a Group with One Name to a New Contact with a New Name

This article explains how to assign a single registration (or ticket) to a new contact record (or new name) that was created as part of a group registration where all the registrations have the same contact information.

Note 1: We recommend setting up your registration forms so you can register multiple attendees with different contact information during the same checkout. But if the person registering a group does not have the personal information for all the attendees at the time they register, then this can be helpful for an admin to correct those names later.

Note 2: You can use email shortcodes in your email templates to give your audience the option to edit their registration records themselves. The following email short codes are:

  • [PRIMARY_REGISTRANT_FRONTEND_EDIT_REG_LINK] - Generates a link for the given registration to edit this registration details on the frontend.
  • [RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK] - Parses to a link for front end editing of the registration for the recipient.
  • [EDIT_ATTENDEE_LINK] - Edit Registration Link (typically you'd only use this for messages going to event administrators)
  • [FRONTEND_EDIT_REG_LINK] - Generates a link for the given registration to edit this registration details on the front end.

Edit the Group Registration

Here are the steps to edit a single registration among a group registration.

From your Event Smart dashboard, click on Registrations. Then look for the group registration. You can identify a group registration as it has a count at the end of each registration name, for example (1/10) or (4/5).

Look at the registration record that you want to change and then to the right of your screen, find the actions column. Now click the clipboard icon next to the registration.

When you view the contact record, look for the Contact Details meta box which appears in the top right of your screen and click the Create Contact button.

Your screen will be redirected to a new screen where you can edit the contact information for that record. Add the attendee's name and email and save changes. Afterward, Event Smart will create a new contact and assign that registration to that new person.

Here is the result where you can see that the second attendee was replaced with someone else: 

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