How to set your event as your homepage

Your Event Smart website is flexible and can host as many events as you would like. If you have one big event each year or smaller events spread out across the year, then you can make a few changes so your attendees can register from your homepage (e.g.,

The Advanced Event Editor upgrade is required for this tutorial. You can purchase the Advanced Event Editor upgrade a la carte while on the basic plan. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Personal or Business plan from your My Account page and receive this upgrade.

Step 1: Enable registrations from the event list page

From your Event Smart dashboard, go to Events. Then look at the top of the screen and click on Templates.

Scroll down to the section for Event List Pages. Then look for Display Description

Make the following changes to your settings and immediately save changes.

- Update Display Description to Full Description

- Update Display Ticket Selector to Yes

- Update Display Dates to Yes

- Update Display Venue Details to Yes

Your settings should look like this:

Remember to save changes.

Step 2: Create a new page and add a shortcode for your events

Look at the admin menus to the left of your screen and hover over Pages. Then click on Add New.

You'll now be viewing the Page editor. Enter a name for your page such as " Upcoming Events."

Now copy the shortcode below:

[ESPRESSO_EVENTS show_title=false]

Paste the shortcode into the page content area and then publish your page by clicking on Publish in the top right area of the editor.

Here is an example of how it will look:

Step 3: Set your new page as your home page

Look to the left of your screen at the admin menus and hover over Settings. Then click on Reading.

At the top of the page, you'll see Your homepage displays. Click on a static page. Then use the drop-down selector below it to select your Upcoming Events page. Then scroll down and click on Save Changes.

Here is a screenshot of how your settings should appear:

Your attendees will now be able to register from your Event Smart homepage.

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