How to cancel a registration

An event organizer or event admin can cancel an attendee's registration from the Event Smart dashboard.

1) Log in to your Event Smart dashboard
2) Look to the left of your screen and click on Registrations
3) Search for the attendee's name through the search field in the top right of your screen
4) You can then click on their name and this will take you to their registration details screen
5) Update their registration to Cancelled and then save changes

Cancel several registrations at once

From the registrations overview screen, look for an attendee that you want to cancel and then click on the link for the name of the event. This will take you to a filtered view of the registrations for this specific event.
Now check off the attendees that you wish to cancel by placing a checkmark in the checkbox to the left of an attendee's name.
Afterward, click on the Bulk Options drop-down selector which appears at the top or the bottom of the page and then choose Cancel Registrations. Then click on Apply.
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