Event Overview

This area contains the overview of your current, future, and past events. From here you can create and edit events as well as fine tune site-wide event settings.


Add New Event button – Found at the top of the page, this button will take you to the new event page.

Filters – Here you can select to view All Events, Events occurring today, or Events occurring this month. You can also filter events by month/year and by the event status.

The event lists itself shows lots of information at a glance:

  • Event ID
  • Event Name
  • Venue Name
  • Event Start Date
  • Event Start Time
  • Reg Begins (Registration start date and time)
  • Status
  • Attendees – shows a split figure: attendees registered/max. attendee limit
  • Actions

The Actions icons allow quick access to important features

  • View event
  • Edit Event
  • View Registrations for that event
  • View reports
  • Copy short URL
  • Export event details to CSV file

Also, when you hover your mouse over the individual event names, a sub menu appears

  • View – view the event on the front end of your site
  • Edit – edit the event
  • Delete – delete the event. Note that events are not truly deleted and remain in your database and are accessible via the Deleted filter.
  • Attendees – displays the attendee list for that event
  • Export – exports the event data to CSV
Please note

Accepts .CSV file types only. Maximum file name length (minus extension) is 15 characters. Anything over that will be truncated to 15 characters. Please note that you may have to experiment with the import/export settings in your particular spreadsheet program before you find ones that work the best for you.

Default Settings

These options are site wide, so all events are affected, unless otherwise over ruled in an individual event.

Default Registration Status – This value will be automatically filled in for each person’s registration status, until payment is made, for each event.

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