Events List Table Template

The Events List View Template for Event Smart will display information about your events in a table format.

An active subscription for the Events Table View Template feature upgrade is needed to use the events table view template on your Event Smart website.


Add this shortcode to a post or page:


This is the default template. It is a classic table structure for displaying events, with a category filter dropdown, table search, table sorting, and table paging.

Standard Shortcodes


This is a list of available shortcode parameters for this upgrade.

limit = 10 (how many records to pull),
show_expired = FALSE (excludes expired events),
month = NULL (retrieve events by month),
category_slug = NULL (pull events from a certain category, using the category slug),
category_filter = false (hide the category filter),
order_by = start_date (order by start date instead of title),
sort = ASC (sort order, such as ASC, DESC),

Table Style Shortcodes

We’ve included FooTable in this upgrade to help make your tables look great.

footable = false (disables FooTable and the following parameters),
table_search = false (turn off search),
table_filter = false (turn off the table filter),
table_style = standalone (alternate styles: metro),
table_sort = false (disables FooTable sorting),
table_striping = false (turn off striping),
table_paging = false (hide paging),
table_pages = 10

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