How do I require payment before reserving a spot or ticket for attendees?

Event Smart is designed so that you collect all the information from your audiences (event before they pay) so that you can contact them if something goes wrong. For instance, you want to have the person's information in case they have trouble paying.

For example, if you have 100 tickets available, and have 200 people try to register and only 90 pay, then only 90 will be confirmed to be able to attend. However, because you DO collect the information on all 200 people, you can follow up with those incomplete registrations to see if they need help finishing their registration and making a payment. This will help you be sure that you sell out your event.

The count of how many tickets have been sold only include those registrations that are Approved, so no matter if someone registers and doesn't pay, then they are not counted until they pay or manually set their status to Approved.

In this example, there have been 12 registrations (Regs column) but only have been approved (sold column):

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