How to Add a Surcharge to Tickets for Card Transaction Processing Fees

There are two types of fees when selling tickets and processing payments online: Commission Fees and Transaction Fees

  • COMMISSION fees are AVOIDABLE, and Event Smart does NOT charge any commission fees.
  • TRANSACTION fees are UNAVOIDABLE, and range from 3-10% depending on your payment processor, type of account, card type, country and more. 

You can set the price of your tickets to add an additional transaction, service, convenience, or processing fee (whatever you call it) so that attendees help to pay for the expenses of accepting payments.

To add a fee for processing tickets:

  1. Edit an event
  2. Edit a ticket by clicking the Calculator button
  3. Click the + Button to add a new price modifier.
  4. When a new row is added, select a "Percent Surcharge" or "Dollar Surcharge", fill out the Label and Description, and add the amount. Note, you can add additional rows if you want to have a % AND $ amount surcharge.
  5. Your tickets will then be displayed with the added convenience fee amount. Note, you can decide to 

Note, you can choose to show/hide the ticket details in the Ticket Selector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about offline payments via Check or Invoice, etc.?

We know that some event organizers would like to ONLY charge this fee online payment methods and NOT charge for offline payment methods such as Invoice or Check. We are considering to add that feature, but do realize that processing offline payments through invoice or check are not without costs too. Offline payments require time and effort to process the payment either through an electronic transfer, process the check, record payments, update records, etc. With that in mind, we still recommend charging a processing fee for all types of payments regardless if the payment is accepted through an online or offline payment method.

Can I update my current events and tickets to include this fee?

Yes, you can edit your ticket as described above. However, if a certain ticket has already had registrations or ticket sales, Event Smart will create a new ticket with the new fee and price and archive the old ticket so that your records can be accurate.

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