Payment Gateway: Braintree

🚨 Braintree is being replaced with PayPal Commerce

Please use PayPal Commerce instead of Braintree. PayPal Commerce offers the same features and more features including: payments by card, payments by PayPal accounts,PayPal accounts are not required, Venmo payments, installment payments, etc.

Braintree is an on-site payment method for accepting credit and debit cards and is available to event organizers in many countries.

An account with Braintree is required to accept payments. Need a Braintree account? Click here to sign up for a merchant account.

An active subscription for the Braintree feature upgrade is also needed to use Braintree on your Event Smart website.

Locate your credentials for Braintree

Braintree uses a Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID for payment processing. You'll need these credentials to accept payments and here is how you find them.
1) Login to your production account on
2) Click on Account in the top right area of screen.
3) Click My User
4) Scroll down and click on View API Keys under the Authorization section.
5) Existing API keys will be visible and you can click on one to view more information. If you do not see any, then click on Generate New and a new set of API Keys will be created and the page will refresh.
6) Click on the new API key and you'll see the Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID.
Want to test Braintree before accepting payments in live / production mode?
Follow the steps above and select Sandbox in step 1. That will take you to the sandbox site where you'll be able to retrieve your credentials. Be sure that debug mode is turned on in the payment method settings screen for Braintree for Event Smart. Once you are finished testing, its important to turn debug mode off and re-enter your production / live credentials and save changes.

Setup Braintree on your Event Smart website

The settings page for Braintree can be found in your Event Smart dashboard --> Payment Methods --> Braintree.
Now click the button to activate this payment method and here is an overview of settings on the page.
  • Name: This is the name of the payment method.
  • Description: This description is shown during registration checkout.
  • Admin-Only Name: This is a name of the payment method that will only be shown in the Event Smart dashboard.
  • Admin-Only Description: This description is used only in the Event Smart dashboard.
  • Debug Mode On?: Enables debugging for this payment method. It should be off (set to no) on a live/production site.
  • Open by Default?: This sets this payment method to be pre-selected on the registration checkout page.
  • Merchant ID: This is available from your Braintree account.
  • Public Key: This is available from your Braintree account.
  • Private Key: This is available from your Braintree account.
  • Button Image URL: Change the default button on the payment page.
  • Usable From: Select where this payment method should be available for use. This payment method cannot process payments through the Event Smart dashboard.
  • Order: The value (number) can be used to sort or arrange this payment option. A lower value means that it should appear first during registration checkout.
  • Update Settings: Click this button after making any changes to your payment method.
  • Deactivate Payment Method: Click this button to deactivate this payment method.
Add your credentials (e.g. Public Key, Private Key, Merchant ID) to the settings page and then save changes.
You'll now be ready to accept payments for your events through on your Event Smart website.

Optional Settings that can be turned On

Your Braintree merchant account has the ability to accept payments via PayPal and offers Card Verification Value (CVV) which can reduce fraud.

The PayPal setting can be found by logging into your Braintree production account and then clicking on Settings and then Processing. Now scroll down and look for the Accept PayPal option and click on Edit. Enter a URL for your privacy policy and your terms and conditions page on your own website and then click on Submit. Use Vault Flow should remain unchecked.

The CVV setting can be found by logging into your Braintree production account and then clicking on Settings and then Processing. Now scroll down and look for the Basic Credit Card Fraud Tools section and click on Edit under CVV. Place a checkmark next to the first two options and then save changes.


I configured Braintree and payments are not being processed. Can you help? Double-check your credentials to make sure that you are using the production / live credentials which are for production mode. Also, ensure that there is no extra spacing before or after the credentials in the payment methods page of Event Smart.

I see a "3d secure failed to set up" during checkout. Check 3D secure on your merchant account. If it not enabled, then contact Braintree support and ask them to enable 3D secure on your merchant account.

I'm located in Europe. How does Braintree handle Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)? Strong Customer Authentication is automatically available with the Braintree payment gateway.

How can I setup a recurring payment or subscription through Braintree? Recurring or subscription payments are not currently supported in the Event Smart Braintree payment gateway.

When I refund a payment, does it also refund through Braintree? Refunds in Event Smart are currently a two step process. First, apply the refund through the transactional details screen of Event Smart in your Dashboard. Then login to your Braintree account and process the refund (or visa versa).

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