How do I sell tables with names for every seat?

Perhaps your organization is hosting a fundraiser, gala, party, or banquet. Sometimes you want to sell individual tickets and full tables. This guide will show you how to sell a table worth of tickets and collect the contact information for each seat at the table.

Note: the  Advanced Event Editor subscription is required to setup your tickets in this way.

  1. Create a Full Table ticket (or name it whatever you like)
  2. Under the advanced ticket settings set the Minimum and Maximum quantity of tickets to as many tickets as are at a table (in this example I'm using 10, via the Ticket Bundle feature).
  • Be sure to ask for at least the Personal Information question group of the Additional Registrants. This will ensure that the person buying the tickets provides you with names. 
    This will allow people to Register Multiple Attendees in the Same Checkout. The person registering can also use their own information for all the tickets and update it later either via the email confirmation.

    You can edit the registration records for each attendee in the group and add a new name to one of the tickets. When you view a registration record that is part of the group registration, you can Create a Contact from that group registration and assign that ticket/registration to an individual person so that your list of attendees is more correct: 


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