How to Create a Ticket Bundle

You can offer discount pricing based on ticket quantities. This article shows how to create a ticket bundle where you can set a lower price per ticket when purchased in a bundle.

An active subscription for the Advanced Event Editor feature upgrade is needed to access the advanced settings for the ticket editor on your Event Smart website.

It is also included in the personal or business plans. Want to upgrade to one of these plans? Make the switch from your My Account page on

In the Event Tickets & Datetimes section of the Event Editor you create or edit a ticket and click the gear icon. This will open a panel where you can set the Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity to the same non-zero value.
In this example we set both fields to 4 to create a ticket bundle of 4 tickets.

When displayed in the Event’s Ticket Selector, the Price column will multiply the individual price of the ticket by the ticket bundle quantity.

In this example the ticket price set in the Event Editor is $20 so the ticket bundle of 4 tickets displays “$80 / bundle” in the Ticket Selector Price column, and the QTY dropdown select box in the Ticket Selector will display two options: 0 and 4. There is also a third ticket price set for $15 with a bundle quantity of 8.

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