Create a ticketless event in Event Smart

Do you have an event where there is a single ticket (pricing option) per registrant/attendee? If so, then using the ticketless feature in the event editor for Event Smart will let you do just that.

Here is an example of how that could appear for a paid event:

And if your event is free, then no pricing will be shown.

This provides a faster registration experience since your attendees/registrants can click the Register Now button to get started instead of selecting a quantity and then starting their registration.

Check out the steps below.

Part 1 - Create your event through the event editor

Login to your Event Smart dashboard and go to Event Smart --> Events and click on Add New. Now enter a title for your event, add a description, a featured image, and setup your pricing. Note that you should have a single ticket (pricing option). Then save changes to your event and preview it to ensure that it is setup correctly.

Next, we can enable the ticketless feature.

Part 2 - Enable the ticketless feature

From the event editor, look in the top right area of the page for the Event Registrations Options section.

Then look for the "Maximum number of tickets allowed per order for this event" option and update the value to 1 and immediately save changes.

Other Notes - Create a display only event

Would you like to create an event that accepts no registrations and shows information about an event? Turn the Display Ticket Selector option to off through the event editor. It appears in the Event Registrations Options area of the event editor. Then save changes to update your event.

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