How to accept donations along with existing event registrations

On Event Smart, you can accept donations in fixed amounts such as 25, 50, 75, 100, 250. This will allow your organization to raise additional funds.

An active subscription for the Advanced Event Editor feature upgrade is needed so you can follow along with this tutorial. This feature upgrade is also available in the Personal and Business plans on Event Smart.

Looking for a way to raise additional funds?

By accepting donations, you can reach your organization's fundraising goal faster and it allows guests to support your organization even if they are unable to attend the event.

There are a couple ways to handle donations on Event Smart.

a) The first is by creating additional pricing options for an existing event. With this approach, a guest can register for the event and contribute a donation by choosing from one of the donation pricing options. This will not affect any existing pricing options for the event as a separate date time and pricing options will be used.

b) The second approach is to create a separate event that is specifically for accepting funds for donations and then including a link to the donation-only event in the original event's description.

Which option is best for my event?

Creating additional pricing options for an existing event works well if you have a single pricing option and you are not collecting registration information for additional guests.

If you have an event that has multiple pricing options and you need to collect registration information from all guests, then creating a separate event may be a better option. With the donation-only event, a guest just needs to select a donation option and then share their name and email address and then pay.

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