How to remove the show details area of the ticket selector

Do you want to hide the ticket sales information in the ticket selector or remove that section altogether? You can update the template settings to make these changes.

The Advanced Event Editor upgrade is required for this tutorial. You can  purchase the Advanced Event Editor upgrade a la carte while on the basic plan. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Personal or Business plan from your My Account page and receive this upgrade.

1) From your Event Smart dashboard, go to Events. Then look at the top of the screen and click on Templates.

2) Scroll down to the section for Ticket Selector Template Settings

3) Then look for Show Ticket Sale Info. Change the setting to No and save changes. 

Here is an example of how it appears with the above changes:

If you prefer to remove the Show details link, then you can change the Show Ticket Details setting to No and save changes.

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