How to Set Up Early Bird Tickets

This article will show you how to set up early bird ticket sales in Event Smart.

Offering Early Bird tickets as a ticket option for your events is a form of discounting. Discounts are used as an incentive to encourage attendees to take a desired action at a certain time. Early Bird tickets are usually configured with a lower price and that start and end selling in advance general admission (or other tickets). Early Bird tickets can also be a limited quantity to add scarcity and more urgency to registering or purchasing tickets sooner than later.

To set up a Early Bird ticket, you will create two tickets. In this example I'll use "Early Bird Ticket" as the ticket that is offered earlier and at a discounted price compared to a "General Admission" ticket.

In this example we have an event with a capacity of 120 people. There are two types of tickets, Early Bird has a price of $40 and a quantity of 20 tickets to sell; the General Admission Ticket price is $40 with a capacity of 120 (in case no Early Bird tickets sell). The total event capacity is 120, which means you could sell any combination of up to 20 Early Bird ticket sales and 120 General Admission ticket sales, again with a maximum of 120 ticket sales.

To create a Early Bird ticket, 

  1. Navigate to the Event Editor (for either an existing event or create a new event)
  2. Navigate to the Event Tickets & Datetimes panel
  3. Add the Datetime for your event (in this example "Conference"), with the start date and end date with a maximum capacity
  4. Add the Early Bird ticket with a Sale Starts and Sale Until dates with a price and quantity. Notice that the Early Bird ticket has a LOWER price and the sale dates start and end BEFORE the General Admission ticket.
  5. Add the General Admission ticket with a Sale Starts and Sale Until dates with a price and quantity. Notice that the General Admission ticket has a HIGHER price and the sale dates start and end AFTER the Early Bird ticket.

This means the Early Bird ticket will start selling first and end selling after the 20 tickets are sold or the time expires. Then, the General Admission tickets will go on sale at the given date and time. 

This is what it look like to attendees when they buy tickets:

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