Transactions: Overview

This section covers the payments each registrant has made.


This lists every transaction made.

TXN Status – the current status of the transaction. This is show as a thin colored bar to the left of the ID (Registration ID).

  • Orange – Overpaid
  • Green – Complete
  • Blue – Incomplete
  • Pink – Failed

ID – This is the transaction ID used by the plugin.

Transaction Date –  The date the transaction was first made. Clicking this will open up the transactions details page.

Total – The total cost of all the tickets purchased in that registration transaction.

Paid – How much has been paid.

Primary Registrant – The name of the primary attendee. Clicking this will open up the attendee details page.

Email Address – The primary attendees email address. Clicking this will open up your default email program.

Event – The event registered for which is also a link to that events editor screen.


  • View Transaction Details – Clicking this will open up the transactions details page.
  • Download Invoice for Transaction – Clicking this will open up an HTML version of the invoice which can be printed. There is an option on that page to convert it to a PDF file, which can be printed or downloaded.
  • View Registration Details – Clicking this will send you to the Registration Details page for that particular attendee.
  • Send Payment Reminder – Resend an email to the primary attendee, requesting payment.
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