Registrations: Overview

The registrations section of Event Smart provides all the attendee information you need. It is separated into tabbed areas: Overview, Event Check-in, Contact List, and Reports.

Event Smart creates a unique attendee only once, and attaches the event and transaction details to that attendee. So whilst the overview may show an attendee multiple times, it is smart enough to recognize the attendee name and email address and attach events to that user.

Note: If the attendee/registrant name and emails do not match exactly, a new attendee with a new attendee id will be created.


Here you will find the details of all attendees registered to events.

Above the list you will find various filters to help narrow down your attendee list.

The overview consists of the following:

Reg Status – the current status of the registration. This is show as a thin colored bar to the left of the ID (Registration ID).

  • Green – Approved
  • Blue – Pending Payment
  • Orange – Not Approved
  • Pink – Declined
  • Gray – Cancelled

ID – this is the registration ID, and is different to the Attendee and Event ID.

Name – the name of the attendee. If the person bought more than one ticket and the additional attendee data was either not required or the primary attendee copied all their data to the other forms, then the attendee name may be the same.

TXN Date – The date and time when the customer signed up to the event.

Event – The name of the event that the user signed up to.

Event Date – The event start date and time.

Att # – This denotes if the registration is part of a group booking or not. If it says 1 of 1, then it is a single booking, if it says 1 of X where X is a number higher than 1, it is a group booking.

Reg code – a unique ID for that registration. If it is a group booking the id will still be unique for each ticket.

Price – The ticket price.

Actions – 4 icons to provide more functionality:

  • View Registration Details
  • Edit Attendee Details
  • Resend registration details to attendee
  • View Transaction details

This star icon indicates that the Attendee is the Primary Registrant.

If you hover your mouse over the Event, a submenu will appear with the following options:

  • View Attendee Check In List  - this will display a complete list of attendees for that event, including any cancelled or incomplete attendees.
  • View Registrations – this will display a list of all pending and complete registrations.

How to export the registrations as tabular data

You can output the registration list for a single event by using Event Espresso’s CSV Report feature. 

1) You select the event you want exported from the event overview by hovering over the event’s row, then click the Registrations link that appears.

2) At the bottom of the event’s registration list, you will see a “Registrations CSV Report” button. You click this and a save dialog will appear to allow you to save the generated export.

3) You can open the CSV report file in applications that handle CSV files. Some examples include Excel, Numbers, CSVFileView, and Open Office.

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