How to Get a List of Attendees for my Event

In this post we’ll learn how to retrieve a list of people (attendees) who are attending a specific event. This will include their contact information and any answers to the custom questions you asked them during the registration checkout process when they registered or purchased tickets.

Let’s get started!

Begin by logging into your Event Smart Admin. Next locate Event Smart in the Event Smart admin menu and then click on Registrations. The registrations screen shows all registrations that have been created with Event Smart. Locate one registration that is for your specific event. Next hover over the name of the event and a link for View Registrations will appear. Click on that link and you’ll be taken to a page that shows active registrations for your event.

There is also another way to get a list of attendees (registrants). You’ll need to be logged into your Event Smart admin. Then locate Event Smart in the Event Smart admin menus and click on Events. Locate your event on this screen and hover over the name of your event. Several links will appear: View, Edit, Registrations, Export, and Trash. Click on the Registrations link and this will take you to a page which shows all active registrations.

Another method of seeing all of the registrations for this event in one place is to use the  Registrations CSV Report button. This button can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Clicking on it will create and download a report of all active registrations as a CSV file.

You may notice that your registrations are currently split amongst multiple pages. This is due to the pagination option and it can easily be adjusted. While viewing this page, locate and click on the  Screen Options tab which appears in the top right corner of the screen. Then you can adjust the number of registrations that should be shown per page. Once you have updated the value, click on the Apply button. 

You can also export the attendees based on the filters at the top of the page or the  Check-in tab by:

  • Filter the data by month/year or category or status.

Then at the bottom of the screen you can select the "Filtered CSV Report" to export just the results of the filters:

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