Registrations: Event Check-in

The Check-in feature is used to check attendees/registrants into events or get a list of Approved and Pending Payment registrations who may arrive to pay in person.

An active subscription for the Registration Check-in feature upgrade is needed to check-in guests on your Event Smart website.

It is also included in the personal or business plans. Want to upgrade to one of these plans? Make the switch from your My Account page on

You can locate a list of attendees and their check-in status by navigating to: Event Smart > Registrations > Event Check-in tab. 

Filter the list of registrations by event, and even to a single datetime.

You can check-in attendees by:

- Scanning attendee printable or electronic tickets with our mobile apps.

- Manually checking-in attendees from the admin user interface below.

You can then use the checkboxes to check-in column to check-in/out attendees:

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