How to Use Datetime and Ticket Names to Consolidate Event Pages

In Event Smart, if you manage the online event registration and/or ticketing for a category of events (e.g. volunteering opportunities or an on-going writing workshop) you can configure ONE event page and let the multiple datetimes and multiple ticket names specify the different dates and ticket options.

Note: Multiple datetimes per event are only available in the Personal or Business Plans or the Advanced Event Editor.

Configuring your events this way allows you to:

  • have one event page with a specific URL where you can refer people to time and time again via email or over the phone or in social media, etc
  • Optimize this special event page for your particular type of event to increase your search engine optimization ranking and ticket sales
  • Present more volunteering/purchasing options to people at once rather than making them view multiple pages or check out/purchase multiple times

Configure Your Datetime and Ticket Names in Event Smart

Here is an example of this strategy with all the upcoming volunteering opportunities for a non-profit organization.

In this case your organization offers multiple types of volunteering opportunities that occur on different dates. This is how you setup Event Smart and what it looks like:

  • You can create one “Volunteer Opportunities” event
  • Create a separate datetime for each volunteering opportunity (e.g. Reading to Children, Fundraising, Planting Trees, etc.), by adding the following for each datetime:
    • Datetime Title
    • Event Start
    • Event End
    • Capacity Limit
    • Description, if the specific datetime (optional) if you
  • Create a single ticket that has access to each datetime/volunteering opportunity, by adding the following for each ticket:
    • Ticket Title
    • Ticket Start datetime
    • Ticket End datetime
    • Price (it’s free to volunteer in this case)
    • Quantity
    • Description (optional)
  • Create a single ticket that has access to ALL datetimes/volunteering opportunities (this is also optional but it allows people to register for ALL volunteering opportunities or all your upcoming workshops at once)

This is what the admin Event Datetimes & Tickets Editor would look like (click to enlarge):

Combine many similar events into one event page with datetimes and ticket names

Front-end Event Registration/Ticketing Experience

Once you have configured your event registration and ticketing for these similar types of events, your potential customers/attendees/volunteers will be presented with all the volunteering opportunities on ONE page. This is what the front-end would look like (click to enlarge).

Multiple events registration datetime tickets wordpress one page

Notice that by configuring the same (or similar) events onto one page, that your attendees can see every option. They can register for one event, or even register for all these events at one time.

Note: You might host an on-going class, workshop or conference but these principles can work the same for your types of events too.
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