Hide the price column in the ticket selector

This tutorial requires the  Custom CSS upgrade.

Sometimes you might want to hide the Price column in the ticket selector. For example, free events with multiple tickets will show several ticket options with $0.00 prices. You can use CSS to hid the pricing column in the ticket selector for a all events or certain events. 

This may be the situation:

Using the information below, your ticket selector will look like this:

You can use the following CSS you can hide the Price column for all events.

.ee-ticket-selector-ticket-price-th {display:none} 	
.tckt-slctr-tbl-td-price {display:none}

Using this CSS, you can hide the Price column for this one event with the ID of 11:

#tkt-slctr-tbl-11 .ee-ticket-selector-ticket-price-th, 	
	#tkt-slctr-tbl-11 .tckt-slctr-tbl-td-price { 	

In this example the number in the CSS ID is the event ID #tkt-slctr-tbl- 11 and #tkt-slctr-tbl-11. So, if you want to hide the price column for just one event, you can use this CSS but change the numbers in the CSS ID to your event ID. You can find the ID of your event in the Event Smart > Events overview page.

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