How to Embed the Ticket Selector in a Wix Website Page

Adding an event ticket selector in a Wix website page is quick and easy using Event Smart. If you have already created your event, follow the instructions below.

Step 1 - Copy the embed code from Event Smart

1. Click the " Embed" tab from within the Event Smart event editor.

2. Select and copy the iframe code from the modal popup window.

Step 2 - Set up the integration in Wix

1. Login to your account, and create a new page or edit an existing page .

2. Select the  Add [1] icon from the toolbar.

3. Select  More [2]

4. Select  HTML Code [3]

5. A new grey rectangle will be added in your page. Use your mouse to place it in the page, and adjust its dimension.

Due to limitations, the Event Smart ticket selector widget cannot auto-resize automatically to adjust to the content of the booking area - as it on non-Wix web sites.

Therefore, please make sure to manually resize the rectangle so that its height can contain your booking interface at every step of the booking process. If not enough height is set for the rectangle, then inner scrollbars will appear in the page during the booking process.

6. Click on the grey rectangle, and settings buttons will pop up. Click on  Enter Code.

7. Select that you want to add a  Code, and paste the widget code copied at Step 1.2 (above).

8. Click on  Update in the settings window.

9. Click on  Publish to publish your updated web site.

Step 3 - View Your Wix Website

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