Recording Refunds

All refunds must be processed from your payment gateway portal such as PayPal, Stripe,, etc. Once you initiate a refund in your payment gateway portal, this is the process to record a refund in Event Smart.

  1. Locate the Transaction in Event Smart. Navigate to Event Smart > Transactions. You can search for the transaction information such as ID or email or name.

    Alternatively, you can locate a registration by navigating to Event Smart > Registrations. Locate the registration and click the Shopping Cart icon from the Registration list table OR view the registration and click the "View Transaction" button: 
  2. In the Payment Details section, click the Apply Refund" button:
  3. Add the appropriate refund amount, select the Method of Payment, Select the appropriate registration status, and choose which messages to send:
  4. Click Apply Refund.

That will then record the refund in Event Espresso.

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