Google Analytics Integration

The Google Analytics Integration feature allows you to add a Google Analytics Property Tracking ID to your event website to track visitors, page views, traffic sources, who is registering or buying tickets right now, etc.

Note, this feature requires the Google Analytics Integration upgrade feature.

To use the Google Analytics Integration:

  1. Subscribe to the Google Analytics Integration upgrade feature
  2. Setup a Google Analytics Property, copy the value for the tracking ID, and then skip to step 6:
  3. Already have an existing Google Analytics property?
    Login to your Google Analytics dashboard and click on the Admin link (gear icon) in the lower left corner of your screen and this will take you to the admin settings page for your account
  4. Then look under property and click on Property Settings
  5. Your tracking ID will be visible under the Basic Settings area. Copy the entire value.

  6. Return to your event website and navigate to: Event Smart > General Settings > Admin Options.
  7. Add your Google Analytics Property Tracking ID into the field and save changes:
  8. Visit your event website with your browser
  9. Visit the Real-time Overview in Google Analytics. If you have things setup correctly, you should see at least you as a visitor on your event website.

You will now be tracking the website traffic to your event website.

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