Re-send Messages and Tickets to Attendees

Resending Messages and Tickets to Individual Attendees

You can re-send individual messages and ticket to attendees by finding their registration record and using  the  resend Message and Resend Tickets actions. You can find these by navigating to the single attendee's registration record and use the applicable Action icons.

Re-sending messages and tickets to a group of attendees

1) Login to your Event Smart dashboard and go to your Events overview screen.

2) Look for the event that you are working with and hover over it. Then click on Registrations.

3) You'll now be viewing registrations for a specific event.

4) Look in the top right corner of your screen and click on Screen Options.

5) The Screen Options will expand down and show some options including one for pagination.

6) Increase the Pagination field to a higher value such as 50 and click on Apply. Note that 50 is the maximum limit.

7)  Place a checkmark next to the guests that you want to notify. You can also bulk select guests by using the checkbox in the top left area above the latest guest's record.

8) Now click on the dropdown menu above that and select Approve and Notify. Then click on Apply.

All of the guests that were selected will receive access to their tickets through email.

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