How to Email Attendees in Batches with the Batch Message

If you want to communicate with groups of your attendees, you can email them with the Batch Message system.

Locate and Select Attendees

The Batch Message system works by selecting the individual attendees that you want to communicate with. So the first step is to Locate the attendees:

  1. Navigate to Event Smart > Registrations
  2. In the top right-hand side of the screen choose the Screen Options tab. This will drop down a panel where you can view more attendees at once. The default is 10 attendees and depending on how many attendees you need to email at once, you might increase the number of attendees you see at once so you can select more than 10. 

    Note: The Batch system is intended to send attendees emails in batches. Please do not Batch Message more than 50 attendees at once without confirming the messages were successfully sent. You can navigate to Messages > Messages Activity to view which messages had been sent (or not).
  3. Adjust the number of attendees viewed at once time.
  4. Filter the attendees by status (if desired).
  5. Select all the attendees on the page (or select them one-by-one).
  6. Click the "Send Batch Message" button

Select the Batch Message Template

Choose the Batch Message template you want to use. The default is Global, but if you've created a  Customized Message Template for the Batch Message you can select it here:

Compose & Send the Message

Once your template loads, you can edit the message and send the message.

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