Messaging System: Message Types

Messages are email notifications that are sent out by Event Smart. Message Types are the kinds of messages that get delivered. They can be thought of as the "type" of package that is being delivered by the messenger.

For example, Event Smart comes with two Message Types attached to the Email Messenger:

  • Registration Confirmation
    Triggered by front-end event registrations
  • Payment Confirmation
    Triggered by front-end payments

Note: In Event Smart there are currently ~14 different message types. Three for payment related messages ( payment received, payment reminder, payment declined), and five registration related messages (registration approved, not approved registration, registration pending, registration declined, registration cancelled). Message types are attached to triggers[1]


Each Message Type (kind of message) has different contexts. Contexts are dynamic and typically represent recipients (individuals receiving email notifications). For example, when the Registration Confirmation message type is triggered, it will send out a message to the following recipients: Event Administrator, Primary Registrant, and Additional Registrants. On the other hand, the Payment Message Type has only two recipients: Event Administrator and Primary Registrant.

A message context can be deactivated by removing a recipient from the "TO" field. This will set the field to blank and you can save changes. Deactivated message contexts will appear in grey when viewed in the Messages Overview tab. To re-activate a message context, go to that message context and setup a recipient (using one of the available shortcodes) and save changes. This will reactivate the message context and it will appear as blue in the Messages Overview tab.

Learn more about Contexts

Activation / Deactivation of Message Types

When a new install of Event Smart is activated, all message types will be activated except for those for Cancelled and Declined registrations. The message types for Cancelled and Declined registrations can be easily activated through the Settings tab for Messages.

  1. Triggers simply refer to the places where a message might be “triggered” to be sent. Examples are: when a payment is made, when a registration is approved, when a registration is cancelled. Notice the word when, that is indicative that triggers are very much event based. ?
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