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The Appearance Themes Screen allows you to manage your Themes. That means you can  preview and activate themes.

Manage Themes

Current Theme

The current active Theme appears first in the upper left corner. Initially, as part of the Event Smart site activation process, the "Singl" theme is displayed as the active Theme. A small screenshot of the Theme is shown. If you roll over the image with your cursor, a "Theme Details" button appears. Click it to see, along with the name of the Theme, the Theme version, and the Theme author, there is a short description of the Theme.

Additional buttons are below that activate specific current theme appearance screens that correspond to the menu picks on the left.

Available Themes

The remainder of the Manage Themes screen shows the other Themes that are installed. If there are more than 15 installed Themes then a page navigation tool is displayed above and below the available Themes. Fifteen Themes per page are displayed, so click the page number to navigate to the next or previous page of Themes.

As with the Current Theme image, a small screenshot of each Theme is shown. Roll over the image to show "Theme Details", "Activate", and "Live Preview" buttons. Click the "Theme Details" button to see, along with the name of the Theme, the Theme version, and the Theme author, a short description of the Theme. The Theme Details modal has buttons displayed to Activate and Live Preview.

Click this to make this Theme the Current Theme. 

Live Preview 
Click this link and you can preview how your blog will appear with this specific theme version.

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