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This page allows users to change certain Theme features such as color and layout in a live preview format.


Here are the options the "Singl" theme provides. Remember, other Themes may provide a different set of options, or no options at all.

Site Title & Tag Line 
Choose a title and tag line for your site.

  • Site Title - Text box for site title
  • Tag Line - Text box for tag line
  • Display - Checkbox to enable or hide the display of title and tag line

The color of the title and background as displayed by the theme.

  • Site Title - Enter the HTML color number related to the title color desired, or select the default color button to restore the default state, or pick a color from the interactive color picker.
  • Background Color - Select a color in the same manner as for the title. This background may only be visible on wide displays.

Header Image
Select an optional header image, such as a logo or banner to display in the top portion of the website.

Background Image 
Select an optional background image to use in place of the solid color specified in Colors above.

  • No Image - The default state.
  • Upload New - Either drag/drop a background image file on the provided box of follow the "select a file" link to launch your O/S file selection dialog.

Static Front Page 
You site's home page can either contain your latest posts or display a static page or post.

  • Your latest posts
  • A static page - select either a post or page from the drop downs.

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