Add Other Users as Recipients to Message Notifications

If you would like other staff members of your team to receive a copy of the message notifications, you need to edit the Messages templates in the Event Admin context.

There are a couple options and all require the ability to at least edit the default messages with the Customizable Confirmation Emails or Customizable Tickets and Confirmation Emails, plus Check-in Tracking upgrades:

  1. Add additional email addresses in the TO field in the Messaging System: Message Templates. Edit the appropriate Message Type(s) you want to share with other recipients, edit the ADMIN Message Contexts. Add a comma separated list of email addresses, e.g.:, Preferrably use an email group (see #2 below)
  2. Create a email distribution group with a new email address within your email program and use that email as the TO email address for the Event Admin context. 
  3. Use the email distribution group (see above) as the address in the [SITE_ADMIN_EMAIL], which is your Event Smart > General Settings > Primary Contact Email address. 

Note: To protect Event Smart from email spam abuse, Event Smart will only allow you to send Test Email to one address. Event Smart will also reuse that same email address for further testing. If you need to send to a different test email address, please contact us so we can help. Again, we recommend using an email distribution group for test sends so you can organize who gets test messages inside your email system. Gmail Groups.

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