How do I sort the order of my events?

There are two main pages on your event website.

Home Page

Because you can publish events and blog  posts on your event website, the home page is designed to display blog and event posts in the order of most recently published. Whatever item has a publish date that is more recent will show up first. For example:

  1. Event 2 (dated April 1)
  2. Blog Post 2 (dated March 15)
  3. Event 1 (dated March 1)
  4. Blog Post 1 (dated February 15)
  5. Etc.

You can change the function of your website with the  General Settings Reading. You can decide if you want posts, or a "static" Page, displayed as your blog's front (main) page. You can also adjust how many posts are displayed on that main page. This comes in handy if you want to use a Shortcode to make your home page a custom event list page (see below).

Events Page

The event page is designed to only show your event ( available at: The strategy of the Events page is to showcase your next upcoming events so you can try to sell out the ones happening sooner rather than later. As such, your events page will order the events that are coming up sooner will show first. For example:

  1. Event A (Datetime is April 1)
  2. Event B (Datetime is April 15)
  3. Event C (Datetime is May 1)
  4. Etc.

This allows your audience to see the next upcoming events and register for the ones happening first.

Custom Event List Page Using Shortcodes

In addition to your home page and event list page, you can create a custom event list page that only shows events from a certain category, or month, or ascending or descending order, or expired or only active events. You can create a new page and enter the appropriate Shortcode on the page. 

If you want your home page to be this custom event list page, you can set your home page to be this new page in your General Settings Reading Settings.

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