How to allow attendees to edit their registration

There are two ways you can allow your attendees to edit their registration record. Both of these methods include providing a link to your attendees via an email from the Messages system where they can edit their registration.

Batch Messages

If you only have certain attendees that you want or need to update their registration record, you can email them a link directly with Batch Messages.

Go to Event Smart > Registrations select the attendees you want to email.

Then click the Send Batch Message button at the bottom of the page. Note, if you want to email more people than you see on the page, you can view more results by changing the number of results in the Screen Options tab at the top of the page.

Then compose your message and add the [RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK] shortcode in your message. 

You can also use the [RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK] in HTML format as the link source, e.g.: Please <a href="[RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK]">update your registration record</a> with the required questions: [RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK]

Your recipients will receive an email with your message and a link to update their record.

Message Templates

If you always want to provide your attendees with a way to edit their registration, you can add the  [RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK] shortcode to your message template. 

Note: this method requires the Customizable Confirmation Emails or Customizable Tickets and Confirmation Emails, plus Check-in Tracking upgrade.

Navigate to Event Smart >  Messages > select your Message Type > select your Message Context

Here is an example where I've added a HTML link to the Registration Approved message template so that attendees can review their registration and edit it if they like: 

I added the this HTML to the Text view of the [Event_List] area:
<a href="[RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK]">(edit registration)</a>

Once you have added this link to your message templates, your attendees will have a way they can edit their registration record.

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