Registration and Batch Message Screen Limits

Registration Screen Option Result Limits

There is a limit on the number of results per page set at 50 to guard against people loading hundreds or thousands of records at a time which may impact other websites on the network who are trying to process registrations or payments, etc. 

We have also found that looking through more than 50 records becomes less effective and we intend people to use the filters (month, categories, status) to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

In addition, you can scroll to the bottom of the Registrations page and export all the results  to a . csv file and open that file in a spreadsheet program to view all the records at once if desired.

Batch Message Limits

With respect to the messages limit at 50 also. Event Smart is not intended as a mass email program. We have had trouble where email spammers have tried to send hundreds of emails at a time which can compromise everyone's emails from being delivered. You should be able to communicate to your attendees 50 at a time using the Batch message system. If that's not quick enough, then we also provide an integration with MailChimp for when you have larger lists.

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