Deposits and Partial Payments

We do not officially support deposits and multiple payments. But there are two options to consider:

1. You could create a deposit ticket along side the full-payment option for the event, but when they checkout Event Smart recognized they paid the deposit ticket in full. If someone purchases that ticket you can modify the payment record to reflect a balance due and send the customer an invoice to complete their payment later. Does that make sense? That's kind of a manual workaround.

2. You can let the payment gateway service handle the payments. For example, you can use PayPal's Buy Now, Pay Later system to let people pay you in full and then make payments to PayPal over time. That removes the hassle of managing payments.

We strongly recommend at least giving a pay in full plan so you get paid sooner and have more resources to plan your retreat. But that manual workaround and/using an option to pay later, is good too.

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