How Do I Send Custom Ticket Design Layouts to Different Groups?

You may want to send certain groups of people a different ticket layout or design to differentiate them from other groups at the door. This tutorial requires the Customizable Confirmation Emails or Customizable Tickets and Confirmation Emails, plus Check-in Tracking upgrades.

This process is somewhat repetitive, but its doable. You will need to:

  1. Create the new/custom ticket layout (duplicate the current ticket and create a new one)
  2. Assign the new custom ticket to the event as the ticket template in use
    (in the Notifications metabox while editing an event)

  3. Select your group of recipients from the Registrations menu
    (if you have several events and several datetime, you will need to select the registrations for a specific event and/or datetime first)

  4. Compose and send the Newsletter message using the [RECIPIENT_TICKET_URL] to generate the link to the ticket.
    (Note, you can create custom Newsletter messages types too if you.)

  5. Repeat these steps for the the next ticket design to the next group and send the next batch... and so on.

    Note, that if you resend messages and tickets, you will need to be sure you manage the ticket assigned to the event at the time you resend these messages.

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