Selling Tickets Offline

Event Smart is designed to allow attendees register themselves, and bring their tickets on their own. 

However, if you wanted to sell tickets at local venues or stores, there is an experimental workaround. This process would not account for payments taken outside Event Smart.

Generally, the workaround would be to register as many tickets to one location as you want and set them as "Approved", then print or email those tickets for that location. We would recommend blocking out these tickets in advance of public event registration.

In detail, you'd:

  • Create your event.

    Set the Maximum number of tickets allowed per order for this event to whatever number you want to purchase and print at one time.

    NOTE: We recommend doing a maximum of 50 (preferably less) to ensure the registrations are all successfully recorded and the tickets are generated at the same time. If you need to sell more than 50 tickets offline, you will need to repeat this process multiple times either for multiple venues or higher quantities.
  • Edit your Ticket Notice Messages template to:
    Turn OFF the Registrant context by removing the shortcode in the TO line. This will ensure you don't get 50 different emails for each ticket you purchase.

    Switch the template to the Primary Registrant context and turn ON the Primary Registrant by adding the [PRIMARY_REGISTRANT_EMAIL] shortcode to the To line.

    Use one of these shortcodes to generate the Ticket URL so that when you register for these tickets the messages will contain a link to print all the tickets for one transaction. Note: the [TXN_TICKETS_URL] shortcode is used by default for the Primary Registrant Context, but we recommend using the [TXN_TICKETS_APPROVED_URL] shortcode to protect entrance by only Approved tickets (see below):
  • Customize the layout and design of the Ticket message template, such as remove your email address or add your branding. (optional)
  • Register, for example,  20 tickets to the local venue such as "Walmart", for the first name and "Nashville" as the last name, and use YOUR email address. Note: Depending on the number of tickets you are registering, this might take several minutes. The more you try at once the longer it will take. We recommend no more than 50 tickets at a time to be sure the registrations are created and we can retrieve all the tickets for one transaction at the same time.

    Note: If your events are not paid, you will not apply a payment (step 2) because payments will be at the local venue or away from Event Smart. But you can record manual payments or revenue later by editing the transaction and applying a payment manually.
  • Go back into Event Smart, and locate the transaction/registrations for these registrations. Set the registration status of these tickets to Approved so they can be valid when scanned at the door. You will have to assume that the tickets will be paid for before they are distributed.

    You can do this by approving each one, or search by a keyword of the name you used for the registrations, and then Bulk changing the status:
  • Now that your registrations/tickets are Approved, locate the first attendee (primary attendee) for the group of tickets you just registered. In the Registrations list table, click the Resend Ticket Notice action button:That action will trigger the email to you where you can click the link to get the tickets all at once. OR you can view your Messages Activity and view the Ticket Notice email: 

    When you click the "Print your ticket(s)"! link, it will generate all the tickets for the same transaction at one time.

For the attendee: So when someone purchases a ticket from a local vendor, they can take that ticket to your location and get it validated by our mobile apps or barcode scanner. You might even put an ink stamp on the tickets to indicate its authentic. Because if someone copies the ticket, the first ticket to be scanned will be valid.

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