How to Duplicate or Copy a Previous Event to Start a New Event

If you have separate occurrences of the same event, with generally different attendees, a different location, and different content then you can create a new event from an existing event. To do this you'll need to be subscribed to the Advanced Event Editor. The Advanced Event Editor is also included in the Personal and Business plan.

To duplicate or copy a previous event:

  1. Edit the event you want to duplicate/copy
  2. Underneath the Title of your event you will see a Duplicate Event button
  3. Your event will be duplicated with the same Title but with the **Duplicate** appended to the end so you know which event is new.
  4. From there, change the details that need updated, such as the dates, ticket quantities, prices, venue, etc.

Note: the Advanced Event Editor also allows you to create multiple datetimes for the same event. This is usually helpful if the event is the same each time but with different dates.

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