Add Datetimes and Tickets

The Advanced Event Editor allows you to create additional datetimes per event, and access the advanced settings for datetimes and tickets.

Add Datetimes

Go to:   Events > Add New (or edit an existing event), then notice a few things.

You can add multiple datetimes (occurrences of your event) and assign individual tickets to that occurrence of an event.

Advanced Ticket Settings

The gear icon in the ticket editor allows you to create default tickets, add price modifiers, add a description, set taxable tickets. You can also do things like  Configure Graduated Ticket Pricingand Create a Ticket Bundle, set a ticket as default for all new events, set the default registration status, and more!

You can change the layout of the event details page, the Events page, and the ticket selector  Template Settings.

This is one of our favorite features. 👍

Changing Ticket Prices

You can change the price of a ticket anytime before someone purchases. Once someone purchases, the price is locked so that the system doesn't get confused and think that the person(s) who registered when the price was lower now owes more money, or other situations like that. If you attempt to change the price after someone has registered for that ticket. Event Smart will archive the existing ticket and create a new ticket with the same settings as the old ticket but with a new price.

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