Ticket Selector Template Settings

You can customize the interface and interaction of the Ticket Selector for your audience with just a few clicks. 

An active subscription for the Advanced Event Editor feature upgrade is needed to access the template settings on your Event Smart website.

It is also included in the personal or business plans. Want to upgrade to one of these plans? Make the switch from your My Account page on EventSmart.com.

You can customize these options by going to Events > Templates: 

  • Show Ticket Details? Y/N
  • Show Ticket Sale Info? Y/N
  • Show Expired Tickets? Y/N

Note: the Ticket Selector Template settings are available as an upgrade with the Advanced Ticket Editor.

Show Ticket Details? Y/N

This lets you choose whether the extra ticket details section is displayed within the ticket selector.

Show Ticket Sale Info? Y/N

This lets you indicate whether information about ticket sales is shown with ticket details in the ticket selector.

Show Expired Tickets? Y/N

Indicate whether to show expired tickets in the ticket selector.

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