PayPal 10002; Security error

When you attempt to process a PayPal transaction and get this type of error message. 
Please look at the Transaction detail for more information. Go to Event Smart > Transactions > and view a single transaction, and the Gateway Response section:

If you find the Gateway Response is 10002 from PayPal:

10002: Authentication/Authorization - Username/Password incorrect
This error occurs when you provide an incorrect API Username and API Password to the PayPal server.
10002: Security Header Invalid
This error is caused by incorrect API credentials. Please ensure that you used the account that will be receiving payments to generate the API credentials. If you are using PayPal's Sandbox environment, you will need to generate API credentials from within the Sandbox business account rather than a live account.
You can manage the mode in the Event Smart > Payment Methods > PayPal gateway settings
You should also ensure that you are submitting your request to the correct environment (Live vs Test). 
Note: Any extra spaces or characters in the username, password, or signature can also cause this error. It's best to check for any extra spaces at the end of the password or signature as it's very common for them to be added when pasting credentials into your cart.

Using the Correct Credentials

This means that there is an issue with the credentials that are in use.

First, confirm that you are using a  Premier or a Business account with PayPal. A personal account with PayPal cannot be used.

If you are sure that the account is a premier or a business account, then please try deactivating the existing credentials and then creating a new set for your site to use.

Here are the steps on finding those credentials so they can be deactivated and a new set can be created.

1) Login to your account.

2) Look for the person icon in the top left area of your screen and click on it. Then click on Profile and Settings.

3) Look at the left area of the screen under My Profile and click on My selling tools. Then click on the Update link for API Access.

4) Click on option for  Classic (NVP/SOAP) which appears near the end of the page. Then click on the Remove button. 

5) You can then copy and paste the API username, password, and signature into the payment methods page for Event Smart within your dashboard and then click on the Update Settings button. If you have used PayPal Express for other projects where you are accepting online payments, then be sure to also update your credentials in those services.

From here, you can try a new registration.

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