Hiding the Edit Attendee Information Links on the Thank You Page

If you do not want your attendees to edit their information after they finish registering you need to hide or remove the links in two places, Message Templates and the Thank You page.

Message Templates

In case your attendees made a mistake on their registration and then notice that mistake in the email confirmation, some message templates have links that allow attendees to edit the registration information. 

Note: this step requires the Advanced Messages or Custom Messages upgrade.

You can remove the links to edit their registration from the message templates. Navigate to Event Smart > Messages > Default Message Templates (or Custom Messages Templates if you have created any), and remove shortcodes such as these:

  • etc

Remember to check each message context.

That will remove the links in the emails to edit the registration.

Be sure to Save your changes.

Thank You Page

In case your attendees made a mistake on their registration, the Thank You page presents your attendees with two links to edit their registration information. 

Note, this step requires the Custom CSS upgrade.

You can hide those links by using the following Custom CSS. 

#espresso-thank-you-page-overview-dv a[href*="attendee_information"] {
display: none;

To add that CSS, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

Then Save & Publish your changes. 

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