Payment Gateway: iPay88

iPay88 is an off-site payment method for accepting credit and debit cards and is available to event organizers in Malaysia.

An account with iPay88 is required to accept payments. Need a iPay88 account? Click here to sign up for a merchant account.

An active subscription for the iPay88 feature upgrade is also needed to use iPay88 on your Event Smart website.

Locate your credentials for iPay88

iPay88 uses Merchant Code and Merchant Key for payment processing. You'll need these credentials to accept payments and here is how you find them. 

Your credentials for iPay88 will be provided to you by iPay88 once your merchant account is approved for payment processing. If you are are unable to find that information, then please contact iPay88 support so they can help you.

Ask iPay88 support to whitelist your Event Smart website

Your website URL on Event Smart (e.g. your Event Smart subdomain) will need to be whitelisted with iPay88. Your account manager can help you with this or your can send an email to this email address:

For example, if your Event Smart URL was "" then you would ask iPay88 to whitelist that URL so that you can accept payments. This is required to process payments successfully.

Pro Tip 1! Will iPay88 be the only payment method enabled or the only one you offer? Click here to learn how to make it selected by default during the registration checkout.

Setup iPay88 on your Event Smart website

iPay88 requires your base of operations to be set to Malaysia. 
Login to your Event Smart dashboard and go to General Settings and update the Your organization information with your address in Malaysia. Then save changes.

Next, go to the Countries tab and enable Malaysia in the countries dropdown menu (appears in the mid-left side of screen) and save changes.

The settings page for iPay88 can be found in your Event Smart dashboard --> Payment Methods --> iPay88.

Now click the button to activate this payment method and here is an overview of settings on the page.
  • Name: This is the name of the payment method.
  • Description: This description is shown during registration checkout.
  • Admin-Only Name: This is a name of the payment method that will only be shown in the Event Smart dashboard.
  • Admin-Only Description: This description is used only in the Event Smart dashboard.
  • Debug Mode On?: Enables debugging for this payment method. It should be off (set to no) on a live/production site.
  • Open by Default? – This sets this payment method to be pre-selected on the registration checkout page.
    To give your audience more payment options, you can activate multiple payment methods at the same time. However, if you are offering just one payment option, then we recommend that you set that one payment method to be selected by default during registration checkout. That will simplify the check out process for your attendees.
  • iPay88 Merchant Code: This will be provided to by iPay88 your when you receive your iPay88 merchant account.
  • iPay88 Merchant Key: This will be provided to by iPay88 your when you receive your iPay88 merchant account.
  • Button Image URL: Change the default button on the payment page.
  • Usable From: Select where this payment method should be available for use. This payment method cannot process payments through the Event Smart dashboard.
  • Order: The value (number) can be used to sort or arrange this payment option. A lower value means that it should appear first during registration checkout.
  • Update Settings: Click this button after making any changes to your payment method.
  • Deactivate Payment Method: Click this button to deactivate this payment method.
Add your credentials (e.g. Merchant Code and Merchant Key) to the settings page and then save changes.
You'll now be ready to accept payments for your events through on your Event Smart website.

Need to test iPay88 with Event Smart?

Your production/live credentials can be used if they have been already approved for live payment processing. 

Go to your Event Smart dashboard --> Payment Methods --> iPay88 and turn debug mode on and save changes.

Next, create an event called test with a description of test and then a ticket with a cost of 1.00 MYR. The cost can be lower (e.g. 0.75 MYR or 0.45 MYR) but it cannot be any higher than 1.00 MYR. Then publish the event and try registering for it. Once you are finished testing, then be sure to turn debug mode off through the payment methods page for iPay88 and save changes. You can also remove the test event that you created for testing purposes.

Another option for testing is to request a demo account from iPay88 support. You can contact iPay88 support here to request a demo account which can be used for testing:

Be sure to turn off debug mode on the iPay88 settings page when you are finished and ensure that your live/production credentials are in place.


I configured iPay88 and payments are not being processed. Can you help? Double-check your credentials and ensure that there is no extra spacing before or after the credentials in the payment methods page of Event Smart. Also ensure that iPay88 support has whitelisted your Event Smart subdomain. This will be the URL for your Event Smart website.

How can I setup a recurring payment or subscription through iPay88? Recurring or subscription payments are not currently supported in the iPay88 payment gateway.

When I refund a payment, does it also refund through iPay88? Refunds in Event Smart are currently a two step process. First, apply the refund through the transactional details screen of Event Smart in your Event Smart dashboard. Then login to your iPay88 account and process the refund.

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